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khiladi Kumar(non-registered)
khiladi Kumar(non-registered)
khiladi Kumar(non-registered)
Sue csapo(non-registered)
Hi Michael, my friend and I met you on sat. July 16 as we were walking past your store. In Ligonier. We ended coming inside and I purchased one of your photos of sunflowers. I haven't seen my son, who I told you also loves photography yet, to give him your card and the photo yet. I had a chance to look at your photos. Very impressive! You definitely have a special talent and I wish you much success as you persue your dreams. You are very personable and engaging. Take care and God bless!
Noah Hootman(non-registered)
Hello Mike, love your pictures! Very talented and inspirational. Would love to shoot with you some time.
Maddy dunn(non-registered)
Mike, I saw the senior pictures you did for Rachel Orner and they were my absolute favorites! I am extremely interested in having you do mine at some point before summer is over. An email back if you're interested would be great!! Thanks :-)
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