Sue csapo(non-registered)
Hi Michael, my friend and I met you on sat. July 16 as we were walking past your store. In Ligonier. We ended coming inside and I purchased one of your photos of sunflowers. I haven't seen my son, who I told you also loves photography yet, to give him your card and the photo yet. I had a chance to look at your photos. Very impressive! You definitely have a special talent and I wish you much success as you persue your dreams. You are very personable and engaging. Take care and God bless!
Noah Hootman(non-registered)
Hello Mike, love your pictures! Very talented and inspirational. Would love to shoot with you some time.
Maddy dunn(non-registered)
Mike, I saw the senior pictures you did for Rachel Orner and they were my absolute favorites! I am extremely interested in having you do mine at some point before summer is over. An email back if you're interested would be great!! Thanks :-)
Joshua Gaffney(non-registered)
Mike, I still absolutely love that picture you got of the lightning with the fireworks.... Absolutely amazing! You have an amazing talent and it's great to see that you're not wasting it!
Shannon Leigh(non-registered)
Mike you have a true talent for seeing and capturing so many things we all miss and take for granted in our every day are always amazing..keep them coming :)
Kyle Middleton(non-registered)
Mike your truly an inspiration to all. Your work is amazing and breath taking. Keep up,all,the great work and I look forward to the beautiful art.
Celeste Bray Flock(non-registered)
Mike, I <3 Love all of your pictures :) You are truly Talented to say the least :) I was looking at the pic of the doe & 2 fawns on Beam Road to get for my brother Bob who lives in Carolina Beach NC now for the past 15 years. Your dad also knows him. I did not see it on here unless I missed it. Let me know please. Or any stream fishing ones which he loved to do also while he lived up here. Now he surf & pier fishes :) Hello to your parents for me please & tell them what a Talented son they have but I'm sure they already know that :) Thank you Mike keep the pictures coming <3 Love them All <3 Celeste Flock
Nancy Gregory(non-registered)
Just beautiful.
vincent kadlubek jr.(non-registered)
Glad we stopped along a dark country road on Sept 8 and met you shooting. You have a great eye. There are many great spots in western pa. Keep up the good work. Thank you.
Kelly Bisignani(non-registered)
Wonderful work
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